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How a Trane Furnace Works

A natural gas or LP gas Trane furnace sits at the ready until the temperature in the home falls below a certain level, based on where the thermostat has been set. At that point, the gas starts to flow and the ignition system ignites it. As the combusted gas goes up past the heat exchanger, and into a hot air plenum. Before the heat leaves the house, the blower motor picks up the heat and sends it through the ducts to the rest of the house.

Why Buy a Two Stage and Variable Speed FurnaceArlington Trane Furnace Repair - Arlington Air Conditioning 817-583-8899

Two stage and variable speed furnace provide the most flexibility for changing factors within a home. When the temperature is somewhat cold, the furnace might kick in at the first stage, which is about 68% of maximum heating capacity. Then, when the temperature drops even more, the full power of the furnace comes into play. The variable speed of a fan blower can help account for changes in air currents within the home. These properties make furnaces more efficient as well as more effective.