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Should Arlington Residents Repair or Replace an Old Lennox Furnace?

Deciding whether to replace or repair and older model Lennox furnace can be a tricky one. When a natural gas or LP gas furnace is a part of the heating and air conditioning system in a home, it is important to make the right decision. If a Lennox furnace can be fixed, there may be a cost saving in doing so. However, if the furnace is beyond repair, it may be inefficient, ineffective, or even unsafe. The best solution is to get the advice of a professional.

Upgrade to Lennox Furnace and Get Federal Energy Savings Tax Credits and Utility Company Rebates

The advantages of buying a new Lennox furnace may indeed outweigh repairing the old. Federal Energy Savings Tax Credits are available to make buying a new furnace more affordable to the average homeowner.

These benefits allow for the purchase of more efficient furnaces. Arlington, TX offers utility company rebates that can also be a factor in reducing the long-term cost of a new furnace.