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Carrier Furnace Filter

The simple Carrier furnace filter is definitely the homeowner’s friend. When one furnace filter is left in place too long, dirt can infiltrate the air ducts. Ducts may even fall apart right at the joints, causing them to leak. What is more, the Carrier furnace itself cannot do an efficient job if the blower motor is starved of air due to a clogged filter. It is far better to make sure the furnace filter is always changed on schedule.

Fall Preseason Carrier Furnace Check-Up

A fall preseason check-up of a natural gas or LP Carrier furnace will keep the furnace running efficiently and effectively, and lengthen the life of the furnace. During a furnace check-up, the entire insides of the furnace chamber will be vacuumed and brushed out, including the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, and blower compartment.

Carrier Furnace Repair in Arlington TXSeveral checks will be made by our Arlington Carrier Furnace Repair team, to see that there are no breaks or cracks, that the gas pressure is ideal, and that there is no leaking carbon monoxide. The thermostat should be calibrated and the moving parts lubricated.